I am the one they call Jenna. Unless *they* are morally opposed to social norms, in which case *they* call me a number of strange nicknames. You can stick with Jenna, though. I don't know you. Unless I do. In which case, why are you even reading my description?

Writer/Radio Broadcaster/Videographer/Video Editor/Film Junkie/Supernatural Fangirl. My life is an upbeat, coming of age musical written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

My love letter to the Supernatural fandom<3
The "I've met" list <3
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“Don’t you dare think there is anything past or present that I will ever put in front of you.”

Me to my Supernatural DVD’S


The Trials

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Dexter-Hannibal Fandom Treaty

If you’ll eat the evidence, dinner is on us.

Adding Mr. Hanks and Mr. Broderick to the ‘I’ve Met’ list…


My Life: A Summary


My Life: A Summary

Anonymous: I hope you won't give Misha's WWF name away to *anyone*, anon or not.

I mean, if you really think about it, Misha has versed thousands of fans and I’m not the first person he has openly given his username to in person. It’s not some holy grail, and he never told me not to give it out. I just keep it quiet out of respect, knowing that he can only physically play 20 or so games at a time and I think he should be choosing who he verses. I have had his username for two years and only given it to one person in that time because it was her birthday and it was someone I genuinely trusted. She has yet to give it out, either. Trust me, it’s in good hands ;)

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Opinions I shouldn’t give you

I see both sides to everything. I can sympathize with almost anyone and if not fully understand, then at the very least recognize why your belief is important to you. My biggest fear is that people will mistake my lack of agreement with their decision or strong opinion of my own as me thinking their opinion is stupid. This is seldom, if not never, the case.

I am a jury’s worst nightmare. 

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—Supernatural Season 8 Finale: 8.22, The Sacrifice.
—05. 15. 13

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